What say music experts about Richard Hruš guitars?

“I like very much the guitars from luthier’s workshop of Mr. Richard Hrus. You have very nice instruments with good sound. It is really nice, very fine quality of musical instruments,” says professor Antonin Cerny, the pedagogue of a guitar playing at the conservatory in Pilsen (Plzen).

     professor Anton Cerny and guitar Richard Hrus

Who is Antonin Cerny

Professor Antonin Cerny teaches subject guitar in Musical Conservatory of Pilsen (Plzen) in the department of percussion instruments, accordion and guitar. Antonin Cerny graduated from The Prague Conservatoire in the class of S. Urban (guitar), piano study in the class of L. Esch. To his main activities, besides teaching, belong solo and various chamber-ensembles, concert performances, and attendance on juries of guitar competitions.

Success of students of professor Anthony Cerny: P. Pauly (pedagogue of guitar playing in The Prague Conservatoire), R. Kubrova (pedagogue of guitar playing in The Bratislava Conservatory), H. Matejkova (study in Freiburg), P. Cadova (study on Academy of Performing Arts in Prague - AMU).

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