Acoustic guitar with double top

Even though we build classical accoustic guitars with simple resonant board in luthier´s workshop Hrus, for many years we belong also to the successful specialized workshop with the handicraft of double tops. Double Top literally means double cover. In the case of the guitar we notice the guitar with double frontboard. Most of luthier’s makers are the same as the resonant frontboard of guitar is the most important of all guitar components. In fact it affects the sound of instrument in a basic way. The guitar with double top resonant board makes the space for new concert experience.

The Double Top of a guitar is quite specific design solution of guitar music instrument. The resonant frontboard of guitar, which is produced at common construction from one thin plate of wood, it is geminated during double top construction. The result is a unique guitar sound resonance and inimitable musical tone. The double-top guitar has an absolutely singular guitar voice.

The first double top guitar was developed by German luthier’s maker named Matthias Dammann. After that the principle of double top was taken over by many luthier’s makers and further developed. However, main goal of the guitar with double-top construction stays still the same. Double top increases in an essential way the sensitivity and loudness of a guitar instrument without suffering the beauty and richness of sound.

sound membrane of the guitar view on membrane from distance view on wooden boards set of guitar boards
guitar desk is thin guitar production guitar production in luthier´s workshop Hruš wooden guitar production
accoustic guitar production classical guitar production guitar production - work with wood production of guitar components

The construction of double top guitar

The basic idea of double top is the top (or if you want front) board of a guitar, which consists of two thin sheets of fine resonant wood – mostly fine plates of American red cedar or spruce. Between these two sheets is glued fine grid, so-called honeycomb. On the surface this grid reminds you of a thin honey comb. It is amazingly strong and lightweight, almost like a breeze. The unique guitar tone, which comes out of a resonant hole, creates not only double front board as itself, but also this thin grid, which is glued between the two top boards.

Actually, the inside of double top guitar is hollow. Thanks to this “sandwich” construction is a front guitar board enough strong as well as light. Above all it creates a unique vibration. Of course, the important role play also suitably elected materials. We fundamentally use first-class raw materials. Based on many years of experience we can properly evaluate what material is suitable for the front desk of a guitar and what on the honeycomb.

And how does the double top guitar look in a final design? The final acoustical board doesn’t differ on surface from the common, plain board. It is nearly as strong and flexible. Only technical able specialist identifies the difference. However, what people from music branch surely notice, is the sound, which double acoustical board produces, when you start play the guitar.

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