What opinion do music professionals have about luthier’s workshop Hrus?

Professor Zdenek Dvorak

„I was able to try out instruments from luthier’s workshop Hrus both on the platform and in the recording studio and I can say that Richard Hrus currently belongs to the top of the Czech and worldwide guitar makers. His instruments are distinctive by their colourful soulfulness, as it is used to be by a sensitive man.

But what is very important, luthier’s maker Richard Hrus is perceptive to the needs of common guitar players.“

     profesor Zdenek Dvorak

Who is Zdenek Dvorak

Zdenek Dvorák (* 1947) is a graduate of State Conservatory in Prague, with subject study in classical guitar by professors Stepán Urban and Milan Zelenka. He is a respected and successful solo player, but primarily perceptive pedagogue who has inspired many contemporary performers. His students have gained a lot of top spots and awards at many competitions.

Currently, Zdenek Dvorák works at Central Art Council of Elementary Art School Czech Republic. He is a regular member of competitive juries. He leads master courses on international festivals of classical guitar at various places in the Czech Republic. Nowadays, Zdenek Dvorák teaches guitar at Elementary Art School Lounských, Jaroslav Jezek‘s Conservatory and College and also at International Conservatory in Prague, where he is the chief of the music department of stringed instruments, percussions and cymbalo.

Since 1989, he is a regular member of competitive guitar juries not only in his own country, but also in foreign countries. He is known as an active initiator of many music events. Besides educational and teaching activity, he owns also a recording studio and musical company Studio Principum, where he makes audio recordings of front Czech and foreign guitar players. The Principum audio recordings get awards from critics in Czech as well as foreign music magazines (TIP Harmony for Petr Seidl’s CD, Classical Guitare Magazine, Chahciers de Guitare).

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