Spanish and acoustic guitar - History and development

The word guitar, which indicates the instrument, originally comes from the Arabic word “Kitaro (kitára)”, respectively, from the Greek “kithara”. In recent centuries, the guitar has undergone many developments. In principle, this is a very old musical instrument.

Developmentally is patterned on such instruments as the harp, lyre or zither. Also, the Bible, the key historical and moral authority of our culture, mentions in the introduction a man named Jubal, who played on a stringed instrument called kinnór. According to this Bible report Jubal became a “grandfather” of all who play the harp and other related stringed instruments.

The earliest type of stringed instrument was kinnór

How looked the original biblical instrument called kinnór we don’t know today. But from the biblical description it is evident, that it worked on the principle of plucking play over the group of tightend strings. It is also clear, that in ancient times kinnór was a very popular musical instrument.

In later centuries the stringed instruments have undergone extensive development. Classical guitar itself exists in its present form from about the 18th century. Her body in the shape of Arabic eight Arab has a circular hole resonance. The strings aren’t placed in the air, but in parallel with the neck, equipped with fingerboard with a sleeper. In connection with the classical guitar shape, often there are two attributes - Spanish and acoustic guitar. What can they imagine?

Classical acoustic “Spaniard”? Terminology of classical guitars

Spanish guitar, which is popularly called simply as “Spaniard”, is characterized by a circular resonant hole and nylon strings. It is mainly used in classical and Spanish music. Sometimes are also used the metal strings, but it’s not usually. “Spaniard” is not built on such weight and it may not withstand the tension of steel strings. The name “Spaniard” is, of course, derived from the Spanish guitar tradition that this kind of classical guitars made famous.

The term acoustic guitar is a rumour. Before there were the first electric guitar, every guitar was acoustic, actually. This means, that to the sound creation it has used only capabilities of its acoustic strings and sounded board. The first electric guitars, where the sound is generated or amplified using different electrical devices. So what is the acoustic guitar? These are all the classic or those, that exclusively use classical acoustic principles. Thus, for example guitar renaissance, baroque and modern classical guitar with nylon or steel strings.

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