What say music experts about Richard Hruš guitars?

“I have hearty relationship to the guitars from luthier’s workshop Richard Hruš. Each guitar has its own poetry, you can see hundreds of hours of care and thinking on each of them. Without exaggeration I say, that Richard Hrus guitars have their own ‚point of view‘.

They are not universal, made by a wide demand. Some are suitable for crystal clear major music, the other has a darker colours, more likely Mácha‘s romantic. [Karel Hynek Mácha, 1810–1836, was a Czech romantic poet.]

Each new guitar from luthier’s workshop Richard Hrus is for me a new and pleasant surprise and I am honored that I can perform with these stunning instruments from Richard’s workshop,” says Lukas Sommer.

     Czech composer Lukas Sommer

Who is Lukas Sommer

Lukas Sommer (* January 11, 1984, Ceske Budejovice) is a Czech composer. He is an significiant authority in his field. He is the creator of orchestral, chamber, vocal and electroacoustic music. He has performed in many world capitals. He is also a sought-after arranger of popular and film (movie) music. He works for prestigious domestic and foreign agencies. His scores are regularly come out in publisher Kopp edition, Talacko edition and Český Rozhlas (Czech Radio) publishing. Luke Sommer teaches at the International Conservatory in Prague.​

Oficiální stránky Lukáše Sommera:

Lukas Sommer shows the popularity of both guitars from luthier’s workshop Richard Hrus regularly at his concerts:

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