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The acoustical double top guitar with a unique bracing of luthier’s workshop Hrus has unique advantages. It will appreciate music concert masters and connoisseurs of guitar tones.

We build in our luthier’s workshop Hrus custom acoustic guitars in a classical Arabic form of eights. Every guitar built by us, which we hand over to our customer, is a precise handwork. There are no two instruments exactly the same. Despite this, every guitar is unique in something more important. What exactly?

A layman will surely appreciate the beauty of natural materials, fine rosette, fine fingerboard and high-graded Brazilian wood used for the rear wall. But nothing more. But when our guitar picks up the master and plays a few notes, he immediately confirms, that the sound of our guitars has a unique charisma.

With some exaggeration we can say that we don’t sell a guitar - we sell a unique guitar sound. All guitars that we sell are completely hand built in luthier’s workshop Hrus - .

By what are the musical instruments of luthier’s workshop Hrus so unique? Acoustical guitars from the guitar maker Richard Hrus has primarily amplified sound resonance double top soundboard (so called “double top”). In addition, every guitar is equipped with a unique arrangement of resonant ribs. Bracing of our guitars creates sound waves, tones and music in a way, that is different from the existing arrangements. A combination of these unique elements of our guitars supply an interesting sound, which is appreciated by the renowned concert masters and music experts.

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