Luthier’s workshop Hrus Guitars, Prague, Czech Republic

Luthier’s maker Richard Hrus has been dedicatedto an intensive analysis of a guitar construction and guitar production since 2005. However, he has been involved with craft work in wood since 1992. As he says, his agility and wood carving skills matured gradually hand in hand with life experience.

Luthier’s craft, of which you need perfect pitch and craft skills, Richard Hrus loves. The guitars from Hrus guitars are suitable for concert masters. Therefore, they don’t have only unique resonance and sound, but also presentable appearance.

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Master guitars of Hrus Guitars

Hrus builds his guitars with a lot of love for natural material and also for nobility of music instrument itself. The wood, which he uses for guitar construction chooses carefully and stores in a safe place. Spruce and cedar tree on the frontboard, rosewood, mahogany and maple on the backboard and ribs (sideboard); mahogany and spanish cedar tree for the neck.

Actually, the guitar construction begins with right choice of material. Luthier’s maker chooses carefully suitable wood for guitar construction. He finds out good sound of the wood by tapping on it or exposes hidden defects and empty rumble. The he whittles the rough outline of the front and backboard from suitable wooden plates shaped in classical Arabic form of eights.

Are you interested in a concert guitar built for you to order?

Luthier’s maker Richard Hrus and his team thank you. Write us or call us. Either myself or my colleague, Lukas Hronik, we will be happy to care.

Richard Hrus, Luthier’s maker
Tel.: +420 777 978 100

Luthier’s workshop: Smecno 546, 273 05
Please arrange the appointment in advance before visiting our luthier’s workshop.

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